Somewhere in between

Sometimes, as we all do, I think I am the only one walking around this crowded world but deep inside I know it is not true. We are all here together, here in the world, around the planet even though we feel so small.

We build houses to become owners of space and privacy but still we can’t live without each other. We were not created to be alone but something has happen in our lives, something has change us. This something has taught us how to build walls on the streets and in our hearts, is trying to change the essence of how we are meant to be. Is shouting lies to our hearts, shouting so hard that we are losing the ability to listen the real voice, the only one that matter, the voice of truth. A voice that we hear so far away but it is closer than we know, whispering “You are not alone”.

Life is a journey, every day take us closer to the place we were meant to be, the place we dream, the place our hearts are longing for, even when our eyes can`t see it. now.

Let`s walk together In between, the place we will stand till the end. But let’s never forget that in between is not a calm and quiet road. We have to live the adventure, we have to run the marathon, we have to be willing to take the risk and we have to learn more with every step we go. In between is a story that needs to be tale!. In between is my story among everyone else.

what do you think??

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