The gleam on our eyes

A little more than a year ago,  I got the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful gift. God gave me the opportunity to take a little boy to The USA for a heart surgery with Samaritan`s Purse and the Children’s Heart Project. There are many things I could say about this life changing trip but for today let’s stick to the first day of the trip and the beautiful gift that I like to call “The gleam”.

This trip was full of first things for everyone, but I was more than surprise for the first things that Manuel, the five years old little boy, was amazed off. Have you ever looked into children’s eyes when they discover something new? Can you see the gleam?

Manuel looking through the window on our way back to Bolivia.

It was about 1:15pm and we were stuck at the second airport. I couldn`t stop thinking about Manuel’s words on the first plane: “I can catch a star now and keep it, right?.  Andrea, please open the window I want to touch the clouds”. As you can see this was the first time Manuel got into a plane, – my internal voice was screaming on my head: I am pretty sure that if I open the window we will die!!! – but I try to explain this with other nice words for him. Then the final question and the gleam in his eyes came “Are we going to another planet?. No, we are in a plane; we need a rocket for that. Oh, I see, well, can you get me one?” WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! …Oh well, kids and their funny questions.

After a battle of questions and answers Manuel fall asleep, that gave me some time to write on my journal: It`s  so amazing how we can forget the joy of simple things: like the first time on a plane. What a beautiful smile we can get when children`s heart have been amazed by simple things. But now I wonder. Do we get the same look when we see Jesus in our life’s for the first time? Do we keep the smile on our daily life and through the years?

There are things in our life that have taken that gleam away from our eyes, bad moments, difficult times, losing some you love, getting a NO for an answer, or, real and simple as it sounds, letting sin win over our fights.

God`s great love is shown to us every day in big and small things. He will use everything that is in front of us to let us know about his love, mercy, grace and joy. He can use a little five years old or and almost dying grandmother to say it clear and loud, to call our attention and touch our heart with a message “YOU NEED ME AND I LOVE YOU, NOW BE MINE”

When Moses came down from Sinai Mount, his face was shining; he had a special gleam that came only from God. When we understand who we are, where were we before and the amazing gift of salvation, we fall on our knees and let Christ change our life’s, as a savior and king. As a result the gleam of salvation and good news for the world are shown in our eyes (and life).

The question is: Have we lost that gleam? If the answer is yes then we change questions. What has taken it away? And how can we get it back?. The only answer is THROUGH JESUS. Let’s take the decision today, let`s ask Jesus`s forgiveness, let`s pray for his glory, love, peace and joy to come back to our life and let`s get the gleam back and shine for Jesus Christ.

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