Can I change someone’s world?

Every day I open my eyes and see the deep and shining blue through the skylight above my bed (yes, I do enjoy the stars at night). I fight with my bed for a while (5 more minutes, snooze, 5 more, snooze, etc.) till I finally jump in to the shower try to wake up. Get breakfast and run to the office, because of course I`m late!!!! (I should not press snooze more than 2 times). Then, finally get to my desk at work there till there is no more work to do (that is just a big lie, there is always more work to do but I have to leave the office at 6 or the doorman will come and kick me out!).

The point is that in between my house and my office I cannot ignore reality, I could if I was plug-in to my iPod all the way down (but I don’t have one), but still my eyes are open and I can that voice saying “My heart is full of compassion” every time I see a face on the street. Those faces mean nothing to me, but they mean everything for God. There is no way to ignore what is going on round us. More than 30 kids will day in the world only in the 2 minutes that you need to read this blog. 6 of 10 kids are victims of physical, sexual and verbal abuse in my city. Floods, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, every kind of natural disaster are happening around the world right now and kill much more people than World War II, and yet Hollywood celebrities get more attention from media or anyone else. We live in a world that is falling on peaces every single second.

The past few weeks I was dealing with big questions WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE IT AND WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE ENOGH? I got a good answer from my clever boss, he said “We can’t end suffering, injustice, famine, violence, or anything like that in the world but we can end it in someone’s world!. That is what we are called to do”. Great answer right?

As a Christian I always struggle with how far and how deep is the impact of my work, or any action I take. But after spending some time visiting families across the main cities (rural and urban areas), I got to remember something. Whatever we do, we do it for Christ, and there for it should be done as He would do it. “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters” 1 John 3:16. That is my calling, lay down my life for others.

I do not know how many life’s have I touch, nor how much impact I will have in the world; I don’t know how much can I reduce pain, suffering, injustice, violence or floods, but I know my hope is in the Lord. He will carry me trough the time I am in earth to do his will, to change someone`s world (hoping someone`s means many, many more). The big bonus is to reduce pain in this world but to give the good news for eternity!

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