Preaching or acting

Some time ago I had this idea in my head “I can’t just close my eyes and ignore reality” but then I realize this will hide it but it won’t change it right?. I know though I can’t see suffering or other`s daily struggle, that does not meant it is not there. So my brain kept thinking “I NEED TO OPEN MY EYES SOMEHOW”.

And then, somehow, God answered that prayer. By working in a development organization that fights injustice and oppression in every action it takes, I am force to have my feet in the ground. I can`t just close my eyes and pretend it is not there (hunger, injustice, oppression, death). I am force to open my eyes every single day.

I am reading a book (The hole in our gospel from Richard Stearns) and there is a question there that explains what I am feeling right now “HOW CAN WE SAY GOD AND MAKE THAT TRUHT TO BE REAL IN AN EXTREME POVERTY CONTEX?” Having the opportunity to travel around my own country, and seen all these just 2 hour away from what I call home, makes me think about the real meaning of what I do and the real impact that it has one people.

As I said some blogs before I know I can’t change the whole world but I can change someone’s world. I believe the only way to bring change to someone’s life is not only preaching and is not only acting. If we concentrate all our effort on doing just one of them we will fail.

I can’t go to someone who is suffering and say “I will pray for you” and then walk away if I have the opportunity to break their chains and help. But, I can’t break their chains and walk away without praying with them and showing them the most important person in the world: JESUS, because some day they, as I am going to, will die and there is nothing worthy on a life without chains and no place to experience that freedom.

WE NEED HOPE AND HOPE IN ETERNITY, the kind of eternity that was there before the beginning and will remain after the end. The kind of hope that will help us overcome hunger, injustice, oppression and even death. WE NEED JESUS LIVE AND HIS ETERNITY.


So I REFUSE to walk on my daily path just preaching. I refuse to live my daily life just acting. I REFUSE TO CLOSE MY EYES AND KEEP WALKING. I will stop for others, to break their chains and pray with them. I will preach and act and if it is necessary I will talk.

Hold on to Jesus hands and walk with us, preaching, praying and acting for those that are suffering right now and right next to you. Be encouraged with the next song and let’s start moving, giving meaningful steps all the time, for God, for others and for his kingdom.


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