Connecting dots in life

One of the most amazing things in this broken world is the fact that we are all completely different and unique and yet, miracles can actually happen! Moments where we can enjoy the gift of connection.

Do you remember when we were kids? No busy life, no Facebook, Xbox or ipads and yet we could find joy in simple things. Simple games as: connecting dots or whatever the name was.

You pick up the closes thing you have there, a pencil or a pen, and then you start connecting dots, slow and carefully, thinking on the next step. At the beginning everything looks like a mess, you are not quite sure what the figure you are working in would look like right?.

If you are like me you are not asking for help even though you know you could use it.  But then you get to THAT point. You are not half way done but you are not far away, you are just in between again (yeah, I know. Same place again).

Everything is so blur that we have a decision to make, SHOULD WE KEEP GOING ON OR SHOULD WE QUITE? Horrible feelings, not nice dreams, there we are again, just simply overwhelmed.

In the past few years I came to realize that all people in my life have become part of this “game”. It does not matter if they (or you) have been around for a lifetime or only a day. Everyone has been part of this “connection dots” in my life.

I believe the ink used to connect these dots is called relationships. Love or heat relationships, but relationships at the end and there are way too many words to describe it. But like in the game, there are important dots that help us to find our way.

Today I can only describe words I have learned from each of the amazing people I had the privilege to know, words that help me overcome each day, words that came to my soul as heaven medicine “faith, hope, mercy, justice, and unconditional love” but words that means nothing without actions (Actions I have seen in daily won battles).

FAITH: On God´s perfect will that even though your child is dying and the doctors can´t find out the real reason you can shout loud “GOD IS GOOD”.

HOPE: On trusting God´s word to believe that there is so much more after this life, hope that helps us overcome death, pain and extreme sorrow.

MERCY: Understanding that the one how took something or someone we love so much away from as forever deserves a prayer for forgiveness.

JUSTICE: On the great gift of eternal life that was paid for us on a cross that is not there only to hang it on our necklaces or print it on a t-shirt. Mercy that we don´t disserve and yet we get.

LOVE: Laying down our lives for others, for the least of these, for our family, neighbors, friends and enemies. Laying down our lives in “more than words and much more actions”.

We are the body of Christ. We are supposed to work together overcoming our differences and working on the thinks that bring us together. We are dots in the universe, dots that mean nothing if we can´t be connected to each other, with the correct ink, for the one and only picture called life!


what do you think??

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