let’s lift our hands to pray and to do something

Let me tell you that this past week has been one of THOSE WEEKS where almost nothing makes sense and yet I am trying to figure out what comes next. But today was way to strange!

I got in to FB and found out that two Bolivian amazing journalists died and two of my friends grandmas died too. A 4 years old boy was kidnap in USA and the mom is asking for help to fundraise money to pay more to anyone that helps her find her kid (she is a year younger than me! That just freaks me out). Then, I got online to read the news (bad idea): they found 4 death bodies, of 21, in Chile from a plane accident; a mom was sent to jail because she had her son tied with chains outside her house under the sun and the rain.

I start thinking this is way too much information for a day so maybe I will read things from the office that would help me get my mind out of this right? Noooo. I work in a NGO and that is why I know that RIGHT NOW more that 640,000 children in Somalia are suffering from chronic malnutrition and 47 children die every day in Bolivia for preventively causes and more than 600 mothers per year. Last, but not least I get into my e-mail account to find out that there a volunteers request for another NGO in New Jersey and Vermont to help Hurricane Victims. GOOD MORNING WORLD!- I said to myself.

In days like this I can only think on how much need there is outside my bubble. There still things that need to be done. I think about how much I am helping to stop people from suffering (It looks like it is not enough), to reduce injustice, poverty or hunger. Most of the time I know it is so unfair that I can have food anytime I want (and give my leftovers to a cute dog outside of a fancy restaurant) knowing that in the HORN OF AFRICA people is struggling to survive for more than 60 years.

©Jon Warren /World Vision

And to add more sadness to all the news I am reading a book that talks about all these topics an tells me NGO are doing something, National Governments are doing something, Local Churches are doing something (hopefully!) but it is not enough. These immediately brought questions: If what they do is not enough. If what I do is not enough, WHAT IS ENOUGHT? I known lest jump to the most honest conclusion NOTHING IS OR WILL BE ENOUGH to change it all.

After praying and crying in front of my computer, and before submerging myself in pure depression, as a normal reaction of losing hope after all this I read this on my friend´s FB status:

“Our life is full of brokenness – broken relationships, broken promises, broken expectations. How can we live with that brokenness without becoming bitter and resentful, except by returning again and again to God’s faithful presence in our lives.” Henri Nouwen

There isn’t much we can do to change the entire world, we can´t stop all the hunger or prevent people we love (or people we don’t even know) to suffer. But there are small things we can do, acts of faith, acts of goodness and mercy that were prepared by God for us to do them since the begging of the story and till the end of our days.

So you could do something with me sponsor a child and change his/her world, donate to fight hunger and help immediately to prevent more deaths. But most of all I think we need to know, we need to feel and we need to create awareness in the people around us.

We need to understand that hope comes from the Lord, yes it comes from the above like king David said “I lift up my eyes to the mountains where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD,  the Maker of heaven and earth” Psalm 121:1-2. Maybe our life and our actions could be/will be someone’s else hope that came from the above to the earth. Maybe we will truly become God´s hands and change something or someone.


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