I saw a poor, walked away, felt safe. I know I fail!

When I tough whatever is happening in my life right now was the worst thing in the world GOD STRIKES AGAIN and lets me know that life is not all about me.

“If we want to see the poor like God do, we have to repent of our criticisms attitudes and our “I am superior” feelings.”

Richard Stearns

Every day I have to take public transportation to the office (like 20minuts by car if I am lucky enough). Every day the same road, two times per day or more. In these 1200 seconds I can see people coming in and out of taxis, walking fast to get to their jobs or whereever they need to go. Kids going to school, mades going to work. Mad drivers fighting to each other. I can see the AMONG in my inbetween.

If you know me you know I get bored really fast, so in less than 4 minutes I will take out of my purse one of these two: My old iPod – that only has like 100 songs- or a great book. It doesn’t matter which one I choose they will help me ignore reality out there. But I can’t ignore it forever.

It doesn´t matter if my favorite song is playing or If the book is telling the best part of all I always look up at the same times and in the same places. What do I see there?? 4 different people, two guys, two women, walking, wondering around this pavement jungle we call city. It seems like no one else sees them. People come and go while they just roam around. With dirty clothes, more than three layers, dirty hair, purple lips (a mix of blood, dryness and dust), broken shoes and more than sure broken souls. I can smell them in my head even though I am so far away. I could choose to ignore them too and sadly,  most of the time I do.

I have tons of excuses: I am late to work, they are too far away, I don’t have anything else than money, I just can´t today. But my best excuse is I am a woman, I am alone, and they could do something to me. It is simply not safe.

Well, today I had money, I had the time and I had someone by my side and yet I just walked away and the worst part is that I believed my own lies and felt safe!.

“Christianity works (develops) amazingly between the poor and persecuted, while between the rich and secure people it gets numb”

Philip Jenkings

I came back later on, feeling guilty. Listening to a voice in my head repeating once and once again “I was hungry and you walked away”. I prayed “God if I see him again I will do something.” Walked two more blocks and hidden in a corner, in the only darke place at noon, this guy is laying over the floor, in fetus position. Lost, sleepy, dirty, hungry and broken. – And I am just thinking that this is too dangerous for me.

Thank God my mom was walking next to me, so we crossed the street, bought some pizza and water and came back to give it to him. In that exact moment he woke up, look straight to my eyes (we have the same color of eyes) but he was lost, he looked straight to my soul and I couldn’t find a gleam of hope in his eyes. I wasn’t able to speak. “Here you have some pizza and water friend. I hope you enjoy it and please take care of yourself” my mom said and we just walked away.

There is more people living with less than 1$ in the world every day. From 10 children in Bolivia 9 are victims of abuse: verbal, physical, psychological or sexual. More than 26,500 people die in the world every day for preventively causes and according to the UN in the next 4 months around 750,000 will die of starvation, that’s around 6,000 DAILY! Hunger is stalking 12.4 million people across the Horn of Africa and you can donate now! and give them back hope.

Famine no more

PLEASE DON’T WALK AWAY AND FEEL SAFE LIKE I DID! Walk back and do something, big or small, every action counts, every prayer is needed and any one can change things. (And surely we can give more than pizza and water)

“The worst sin we can commit to our neighbor is not hate but indifference…”

George Bernard Shan

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