Womanhood: blessing or curse

Yesterday was womanhood day in my country. Everyone was congratulating all women on FB, twitter, texting or even calling (something that is less common in this 2.0 life). But then I read this:

“500,000 women died every year because of problems while giving birth, this is almost one woman every minute. There still are countries where littler girls are killed after they are born but men are considering great worth. Woman that survives this are not allowed to have privet property or to inherit. In fact, a woman poses less than the one percent of properties in the world. They also work 2/3 of all the working hours in the world and they get only the 10% of the world wage.”

These things got me thinking and brough more numbers  to my mind. In my country nine from every ten kids suffer abuse (sexual, verbal or physical). From these nine, four girls are suffering sexual abuse. Yet people say happy womanhood day, been a woman is a big blessing??

I don’t know about you but these things make me wonder. Why do we, as women, have to face these kind of things every day?  It is all about THE APPLE?? Is there something we (humans) are missing on our daily actions?

So I got two points to discuss or share ( I surely appreciate all the comments about this! You can live a comment on this post).

  •  To be godly women we need men to star been godly man: Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a woman is nothing if there is not a man around. But I am just thinking more like If women are still suffering and struggling that much to be what God created us to be where are the godly man who are supposed to be what God created them to be?.

I do know the bible says that in the last days there will be men (pretty sure this also talks about women been like this) that are going to be selfish, not obedient and they will not have natural love. But I also know that the bible talks about godly mans, it even talks straight to men on Ephesians 5:25 -27 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

You might be saying, well it says HUSBANDS! And surely it does, but I don’t think man need to be married to start behaving as God called them to. (This is just me thinking out loud) But if men loved women as Jesus loved the church then would they still abuse or devalued womanhood?. If bought, men and women, start acting and living like God created us, then maybe this nonsense discrimination of gender would stop.

  • We are trapped in the Hollywood lie or in the church lies! We struggles with our self-image every second of our live, role, our purpose in life has been determinate by lies. We need to be skinnier, taller, better. We need to be more, we are never enough. To be women we need to produce our self, have the best clothes, the best makeup, “just smile and wave”. Or you have to obey, summit, be quiet, never use make up, stay home and do nothing more. (you can add lies to this list) and read “the womanhood project” to find a better picture

Someone told me once that God created us in his glory (men and   women).  It is like we were created on the throne but then sin came on the picture (you can blame the women, man or the snake but one way or another sin did came in to our lives) and we were taken down from his glory, we felt from the throne!. But “God so loved the world (meaning you and me) that Hi gave his only son…” for us!!! Why??? To bring us back to his glory, to pick us up from the dirt and sit us together with him in His glory again. Yes, He died for woman too!

Now the question is, would we live according to the lies and rules or would we walk according to HIS eyes. In his eyes we are glorious, beautiful, loved and we are more than enough.

Womanhood was designed to be a blessing but we (the human race) have change the image and have made it a curse. So I guess to really been able to enjoy “womanhood” we need to start breaking lies and man need to start been godly men. This might not change the problem but it could be a step forward. . Right??? We need a different mirror.

10 thoughts on “Womanhood: blessing or curse

  1. We must realize that everything in life born of an idea, of a way to think. Which leads us to act. And everything that happens is a consequence or a result of our actions.

    For me, all the “Womanhood Statistics” that Andrea mentions are the result of the way we act. In this particular case, unfortunately we live in a system where both genders strive to have the power, to prove who’s stronger or more capable. This “battle” is the action of what we think. Honestly I can’t generalize and say what each person think, I can’t even know what goes through the minds of each person. But, whether all this things happen in the world it is just because our way to think is wrong. And everyone must wonder what should I change in my thinking to start acting like God wants?

    I like so much when Andrea says: “If both, men and women, start acting and living like God created us, then maybe this nonsense discrimination of gender would stop.”
    Not maybe, I’m pretty sure that discrimination of gender would stop.
    We must to start to think like Jesus. We must start to see and love each other as He does.

    Andrea: Me gusta mucho tu blog! escribí más seguido 😉


  2. If just we’d love each other as we love ourselves… then the world would be so different.. so as children of God is our duty love the others (man or woman) as we love ourselves.


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