After several hours thinking about something for this post I thought about sharing a little bit of my personal journal (yes, I still keep a pen and paper diary like in high school but it does not start with “DEAR DIARY”. Don’t judge me). But before I do I need to share with you the background.

When I was 14 years old I started to pray for a group of friends that will believe in what I believe and understand Christianity and my faith in the same way I did. An important part was seeking holiness, putting faith in action and first of all getting to know Jesus in a real way. Believe it or not it was sooooooooooooo difficult to find friends like this (and I used to go to a Christian school and I was going to a well-known Christian church, but still not everything that shines is gold right?).

I got my wish granted some days before I turned 15. My best friend from school took me to her youth group. I remember she invited me for at least 6 months and I always refuse but that day there was something inside me that made me go. It was the best decision I took that year! In that meeting I found to things that marked my life forever! 1st.The group of friends that was an answer to my prayers and  2nd. My first love but that is a completely different story.

So I got in to that church, with the time God gave me the opportunity to serve in the worship team and as a youth leader. It was a big blessing and I worked at that church for almost ten years. But here is the struggle: Time passed and more than then years have passed too but not all of my friends remained in the same faith path. WHERE ARE THEY NOW??? I question myself – How can this happen?

I remember that day: we were on our weekly youth leaders’ church meeting, our small group at one of the leaders’ house. We had special guest that day a couple that was going to left Bolivia and our church to become missionaries answering God´s calling to their life in London (they are an amazing marriage and a big example in faith for me). Almost at the end of the meeting and after the worship time they said “You are all starting together, RUNNING THE RACE OF FAITH, but you will not end it together. Some might live to different countries because God send them and some might just stop running”.

The golden years 😉

These words made me shudder and I remember thinking they can’t be right, we (as group of friends) had gone through some many things but that time I could even dare to say we lived a revival (I can still say that) and now they are telling me that not everyone will keep loving and seeking God as passionate as we did. This was nonsense … Sadly it is reality, from that group there are only 5 left that reaming running the good race of faith and we are not together any more.

MY PRAYER: BRING THEM BACK (and here it goes my pen and paper diary portion)

“Dear Lord: (yeap, this is the way my journal starts)

I ask you for them, we used to seek your holiness and your will and now we are all spread in to the world. They were a big blessing in to my life, a blessing from heaven. I ask you for the ones that are still fighting this fight and keep running (or trying to fight, like me) so you can take them by their hand and lead them till the end of the path. I ask you for those who stopped fighting, for those that walked away and started running on a different direction so you can bring them back to you with your unfailing love and mercy, please have mercy on their lives and bring them back to you.

I don’t know how life will continue. I hope I don´t stop running again. My heart is full of compassion for them and I trust that your love for them is bigger than that.”


I don’t understand how people who was worship, pray, fast, read the bible, serve the poor, preaching the gospel with all of their hearts and basically fight the big fight of faith together with you for so many years can just walked away. We saw miracles, we lived a revival and now we are not all together. I don’t judge them I just miss them way to much!

“Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize

1 Corinthians 9:26 – 27

Please take 1 minute today to help me pray for my friends and to pray for your friends, those that once were walking together with you on God´s path and now they are not (If you are one of them, that walked away, know that we love you and miss you with all of our hearts! and God´s love for you is bigger than that!)


Life: Unmasked

In an effort to become more honest and authentic in this blogging idea, I’ve joined Joy (an amazing blogger I got the opportunity to know some months ago), in sharing about life: unmasked in my IN BETWEEN. How?  sharing some of my struggles, faith questions, and failures.


  1. Just to say that I was very encouraged with your words to pray also for those friends like yours ; we are hoping to see them again walking the old paths of faith.


  2. GOLDEN YEARS! (embarrassing pics) 😛

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, i miss those years too, sometimes i think we were the last “neighborhood generation” although we were not really neighbors but we used to spend our time together ALL THE TIME!…

    Even though we are separated now i think God is faithful, and Im sure that at the end every1 will go back to His ways… people dont like to feel judged, cuz even though we dont judge them thats how they feel…so I think it’s only in God hands and he is the only 1 that will open a way before them again and in His time 😉

    We wont live another time like the one we had, thats for sure, but good times will come for us to share with all of our dear friends once again, im sure, even if its for a lil while, i hope we all can meet again… maybe we’ll be parents then and have our kids share some fun time together, who knows…. if not, memories are our treasure and the love for one another 🙂

    love u all!


    • ” if not, memories are our treasure and the love for one another ” I sooo agree with this Wendiu!!!! it was one of the best times in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Hopefuly none will feel judge any more but loved and I trust that the one that started the work in us will not stop till it is done!


  3. I remeber your friends and those golden years. … I join you in your prayer. But after that I suggest you thank God for the golden years and keep running without looking backwards, the time here on earth is little compared to eternity with all of them. it is there where the big reunion will take place, there we will have time to remember all together those golden years, and we will have plenty of time to listen to all the life stories of our running friends and we will marvel of the miracles God did in their lifes specially during the times they stop running.

    We have this promise: Jesus is comming back to take all of us to the new Jerusalem, and if He did not come yet is maybe becouse He is only waiting specially for the ones who stop running to get ready for that beautiful day. Blessings to you, your friends and your new friend Jacque.


  4. Like you, someone very close to me has walked away from their faith in Christ. A faith I know was REAL…and it is heartbreaking. I am joining you in praying for those friends in our lives who have chosen to walk away…that He may draw them to Himself and that until they respond we would love them and equip ourselves to have good answers for them if and when an opportunity arises to talk with them openly about their journey. Blessings to you!


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