If you read my first life:unmasked post about saying see you later or good bye, you might have a clear idea of why is it for me really difficult to let new people come in into my life, and believe me, I am still struggling with it. But for the past four months we have started a group of young adults at church. It is interesting how things change with time. We started the Gathers, it was actually going to be a “girls” weekly meeting because two of my friends and I were trying to find time to have a bible study together. How is it like now? It end up been a 15 people meeting every Tuesday, guys included (we are still more girls than guys but that is not new).

I know it is not going to be like the golden years but let me tell you that I have learned some much from everyone at the meeting, so much from my new friends: strength, compassion, perseverance, hope, passion, faith, love, overcoming, sharing, friendship, prayer, support, dreams, true, communion and so many other words I could use.

after a Tuesday Gather

Today I just want to take a moment to thank God for the gift of new friendship and communion. It is difficult to keep walking in this broken and fallen world when you feel you are the only one fighting. But through friendships like the ones I have found here (at the gather, before and other friends from mission trips and more ) I have been able to find God in places I did not knew, able to get to know Him more and be encouraged and why not motivated to keep going.

We are on vacations now but I look forward to next year. So I guess we all know this but it is good to be reminded of, that real friendships should get us closer to God in every step of the way and people should get to know our Christ and Savior through our lives too.

Saying good bye to pastor Rob and Robin

Do you enjoy the gift of friendship too?

“A friend loves at all times, 
   and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”

Proverbs 17:17

Let’s take  a moment to pray for all new friends, as we did some posts ago for old friends


what do you think??

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