That baby is MY GOD!


As a Christian, starting my faith at an early age (5 years old), growing up on a Christian home, attending most of my life to a Christian school, going almost every Saturday and Sunday at a Christian church and attending almost to every week meeting there was, you could say I have been a Christian all my life. But I can’t forget my bible teacher’s words “If you were born in a garage it doesn’t make you a car!”

Some Christmases ago I had one of the worst disappointments in my life. People I really love told me to watch a video that talked about 3 things: the 9/11 attack to the USA, something I don’t remember and religion. This video made them change their minds so much, they ended up saying “You have to watch this and then we talk about your faith!”. It was the same Christmas Eve where they told me something like this: “What you believe on is not true, it will never be and you are wasting your life. You should live your life and stop living the life your mom choose, stop paying for her sins and mistakes” I CHOOSE THIS LIFE was my answer but I didn’t want to fight.

I remember driving back home crying because this was people I love and I know they love me too! But they just don’t get it.  I was thinking: If the only thing you need is one video to lose your faith and start questioning mine there has to be something wrong here! Then I started thinking: maybe Jesus felt this way when he shared with the disciples the purpose of his life “dying on the cross for our sins” and Peter told him “Never, Lord! This shall never happen to you!” Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” (Matthew 16: 22 – 23). Peter loved Jesus, as much as I know this people love me, but he did not understand. Still Jesus loved him.

The third think I was thinking while driving home was “Stop living the life your mom choose for you” that was such a wrong idea of what my faith is about. I believe that in life we all get to a point where we need to choose. God keeps saying “I am the god of Jacob and Abraham, the God of your people. I am the God of your parents;” but we need to choose DO WE believe in that God? Will He become our God or He will remain as a stranger and distant God of our parents and our people?.

I remember been so angry with God for so many years (with good or bad reasons), I remember saying to him “You gave me your back now you can see mine!” and still every answer I got from friends and family was “pray about it” (I hated that soooo much). But then I got to point when I was 14. I had to choose, Do I follow God because I was thought to do it or Do I really believe in Him?. I started reading about all religions I could, investigating everyone and got to the point I choose God as MY GOD!. Have you choose God as your God?

Christmas is not the real time where Jesus was born and I am sure it has nothing to do with that fat guy in red. Since that day Christmas is a remainder of this decision! I CHOOSE GOD TO BE MY GOD and stop been the God of my parents, my church, my school, my “people”. Christmas is a time to share the good news with other, to keep praying for the ones that have lost faith. Time to pray for the church to wake up! Is a time that brings me back on my knees to thank and love my God because He loved me first. Because He gave his only son for me! Joy, Faith, Forgiveness, Mercy and HOPE have meaning in my life because of Him. He was born, He lived, He died and He rose again! There is my hope, there is my Christmas.


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