In between and among the aid world

* I am guest blogging today at one of my favorite persons in the world blog´s! I had the privilege to met and work with Lindsay last year. I am sure God brought her into my life more than a coworker like a friend in faith and life. THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING AND BELIEVING IN ME LINDSEY!

She asked me to write a post about my own experience as an aid worker for this small but powerful bloggers campaign “A Day without Dignity”. I don´t consider myself a local champion, not at all. I am just someone who has the blessing to serve.

                            *                                *                                  *

But here you have the post:

Every time I went out to the field I could see it — just a small difference between the people I was trying to help, and me. We were born in the same country, with the same laws and same culture, but somehow our realities were completely different.

I saw girls my age trying to draw life and strength from literally nowhere. Trying more than anything to escape from conditions of poverty, oppression, and injustice. And thankfully, we had the ability and resources to help some of them (but, sadly not all of them).

Read the rest of the post here and down there you can see two of my favorite pictures from work.

that kind of smile makes it worthy, that is why I love my job :)


what do you think??

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