Unpacking/Packing and New Year’s feelings (Day 1: New)

How was your first day of the year?

I woke up to a new day, to a new year, loving the same old view of my window and keeping my old fisrt.day.of.the.year  routine. I can’t help it; I need to bring some old good things to a brand new year.

I love January 1st! I sleep late, take a shower and put PJs again. I turn off my phone or any other communication method. I get some time to pray; read, and then I try to clean as much as I can in my house. Sometimes I go for a small hike, but not this year. I just took time to myself, time for a little introspection. (Yes, chocolate and good music are part of the day too).

After a good cup of coffee and my cereal I walked back to my room. There were piles of clothes all over the floor and the bed, and I was able to see two half done suitcases. I haven’t finished unpacking from one trip and next to the old suitcase there is a new one that needs to be finish soon for a  next trip. Unpacking and packing, nice way to spend the first day of the year, don’t you think?

I have a feeling that this task won’t be done today. There is so much to take out, so much to be wash, ironed and packed again. And to add more work to the day, I need to clean my wardrobe, something I try to do always on January 1st.

I need to be wise and choose what should come out straight from the old suitcase and into the new one. I need to choose what would go back to the drawers and what would go to the pile of donations. I need to choose between old and new, useful and not. Between what I think I need to take and what I really need.

Packing right now feels like the best way to end/start the Year. Why? Because it’s quite the same as moving on with live. I need to choose the good memories/moments/feelings/details that will be treasure in my heart, treasures that will become part of the New Year. At the same time, I need to let go to all the bad or painful ones.

As a New Year starts, I just want to recall the important things that I think we all should pack for every day:

  • –          The undeserved forgiveness and gift of salvation that is given to us by grace. Gift that give us power to overcome sin and the brokenness of this life.
  • –          The Father’s unfailing love, mercy, joy and peace in the midst of the last times.
  • –          The Son’s gift of redemption and perfect example of life, which enables us to be call sons of the living God.
  • –          The Holy Spirit powerful gift of guidance, gift that will lead as through the valley of shadow and death, casting all fear away.
  • –          The perfect and so much need it hope in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that are holding our life’s together till the restoration of all things.

I am not sure how you start your year but I know I start mine by being thankful for the past 365 days! My 2012 has been a year full of change, challenges, adventures, tears, laughter and joy. All these were visible in every aspect of life. Work, family, church, friends, even relationships I wasn’t expecting came to be part of the plot. Some ended up being good, joyful, easy and got tons of laughter out of me. Others needed more work; they were way too challenging and required much prayer, they even got some tears out me. But for all of them I am thankful.

No New Year’s resolution to share this year. Just a prayer: “I pray God’s perfect will can be done in your new year, as I hope it will be done in mine. I pray God’s mercy falls on us as we walk each day. I pray our eyes and ears can be open to the cry of the poor, so we can be able to show His love and truth. I pray for my salvation first. Lord, please help me understand. I pray for your salvation too. Lord, don’t’ take your mercy away from us. In your Son’s name we pray. Amen

Happy 2013 to all of you!!!


*” Because January can be kinda boring and deserves a pinch of spice” said my amazing friend Lindsey and I agree! I’ll try to join the #JanBlogA Day project, And this is my first try. Let’s see how that goes! 😀 Much love to all of you


One thought on “Unpacking/Packing and New Year’s feelings (Day 1: New)

  1. I like to read what is going on in you mind and in your heart becouse I see that you struggle to stay tuned with God in all the things you do. Good job.


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