The power of two (Day 2: Two)

“I saw the threes moving with the wind and I thought: Wherever you are I wish you a Happy New Year”

Those were my grandpa’s words, said to the wind carrying all his love to the love of her life. She was her companion for more than 50 years. The one who made him cry and laugh. The one he loved to fight with and for. The one that has been gone for two years now.

Regardless of my belief on what happens when people die. I can say I have seen the power of two through my grandparent’s example. They had ups and downs, but they remained strongly firm and in love till death do (did) them apart.

I can only imagine how that is, how would you feel? Spending a life time with the one you choose to love and he choose to stay and love you back. And wake up one day to realize that now, and till you find each other in eternity again (if), you are just one.

Holding Hands / the power of two

I strongly belive that the bible is right, the power of two is better than one. I still belive in unfailing love from God to us, and I still belive that love can be found in the midst of brokenness in life. I still belive love will come one day, as I am sure he is on his way. God is the one that gives us the power of two, because He is the ONE walking with US.

“Dear Lord,
Help us understand your perfect love and your mighty ways. Help us love other as you love us. Help me love the ones that have broken their promises, along with my heart. Help me love with your love and not with mine. Your love is perfect and pure. Your love is the only one that last.”

Do you belive in the power of two??? The God + me. The God + you. The power of two that helps us overcome when love fails, when love ends, it stay with us while love awaits.


*” Because January can be kinda boring and deserves a pinch of spice” said my amazing friend Lindsey and I agree! I’ll try to join the #JanBlogA Day project, And this is my first try. Let’s see how that goes!
January blog a day | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

2 thoughts on “The power of two (Day 2: Two)

  1. There are times when you just have to arouse your heart to wake up. The Bible says, ” There is no one who calls on Your name, who arouses himself to take hold of You; for You have hidden Your face from us and have delivered us into the power of our iniquities.” (Isa. 64:7). You don’t have to make that mistake! If you don’t arouse your heart to believe and love the shine from God’s face, then the power of sin will just keep getting stronger until you fall.


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