“Life is not a snapshot” but month 7 in pictures is here!

Month 7th with the IJM Bolivia office as a Community Fellow started the 21st of this month and it has been a great experience so far.

As you know, I still have a few more months here to keep supporting a team that rescues children that have been sexually abused.  I am looking forward to see what will happen next. I am thankful for all the things I have been able to learn and all the projects where I have been able to help. At the same time, I have to start thinking and praying about what will come after my time with IJM is over… that might take a while so for this update I just want to show you a little bit more of my life here…

Let the picture parade begin!


This is the amazing IJM Interns/Fellows group I have been working with. They have all left their comfort zone in the States to come and serve in Bolivia. THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING (But Peter is too cool to jump with us!)

As many of you guys know, on this journey to seek justice, the Interns/Fellows need to fundraise to cover all of their living expenses while serving with IJM. I have been blessed with the support of my friends and family through prayers and donations. And there are many ways to do it.

worship night

This picture is from a worship night that some of my friends organized to help me raise money for my mission – they help me cover almost one month! The people who attended were SO SWEET and prayed for all of us interns/fellows.

Now, some pictures of me actually working:

pintando la oficina

Painting the office during an IJM Bolivia retreat! I have some extra skills just so you know 🙂

One day after going to El Alto (a city were we work) and finding a church were we would hold a “Día de gozo”, or “Day of Joy” (a post about this coming soon) Pastor Juan Carlos, Chelsea and I decided to stop at this amazing place to take cool pictures.

karate kit

Yes, I felt the need to recreate one of THE best “80´s kid” movies – the famous “Karate kid”!

I also went to the “Centro Calahuma” – the big construction you see in the background of my next picture. It is a rehab center for juvenile delinquents, girls and boys, aged 16 to 21 years old. We drove a little bit more than an hour outside the city to reach this Center.  I went with our investigations team to talk with the Calahuma leadership about opportunities to work together.

visitando Calahuma

This center was built about a year ago so that adolescents could be sent there instead of being sent to regular jail with adult offenders. This would be a very strategic partnership because, in some of the cases that IJM takes, the supposed aggressor is a minor.

Now, back to the city:  You can see one of these at least once per month (Ok…maybe once per week!). A “marcha.”


This is just a regular “Marcha”, which is a demonstration that is sometimes in favor of the government, and other times against it.

Spending time with good friends is the best thing that can happen! So here are a couple of moments of that amazing miracle called friendship.

dinner with the hogans

DINNER WITH THE HOGANS! God blessed me by giving me a great time with my amazing friend Julie and her family the Hogans (Carol was taking the picture, I am sad we don’t have a picture together!). I also got to see one of my best friends from school, Anita (we have known each other since 1st grade!) We all met in Chicago last year and now we had the opportunity to meet each other again in La Paz, Bolivia!

An other moment full of blessings! Lunch with Leslie, a former IJM intern and a great friend, and Joey, a friend from school – we have  known each other since 1st grade!

And this amazing group of good-looking girls and guys is a more updated picture of the IJM Bolivia Interns/Fellow (plus one IJM boyfriend, Michelle and Alejandro are so cute!).

love it!

A picture I took of my crazy but lovely friends in front of the San Francisco Church


The roommates in front of the San Francisco Church.

Now you can see our faces!

And last but not least…. Chelsea (my great roommate and friend) and I, working at the “Dia de gozo”

chelsea and I

…As you can see, we take our work very seriously! 

“Let us praise the Creator for His priceless gift, and let us share the Father´s promises, His love and His joy. When we do, we are eternally blessed, and so are our families, our friends, and all whom God has chosen to place along our path” (anonymous)

Love to you all and talk to you in my next post!

* Don’t forget: If you are able to support me financially, you can donate online using the link below. I am really thankful for any amount you could contribute; it may make the difference for me to keep serving on this project. 


Please make sure you select my name ANDREA RODRIGUEZ on the Intern/Fellow section or the donation won’t go toward my fundraising goal. If you are in the USA all donations are tax-deductible, and please let me know if you are able to donate, so I can keep track of all donations and thank you properly.


4 thoughts on ““Life is not a snapshot” but month 7 in pictures is here!

  1. Me encanto tu nota. Aparezco ahi! jejeje. Me alegra que dentro de todo lo duro que es este trabajo, seas tan bendecida con buenos amigos y experiencias agradables. Sigue adelante Andy!


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