Life: crazy and wonderful right now

As you guys know my time with IJM Bolivia finished in November 2013 and I have taken a long and much need it recess but now I am back. How is life for you all? We are starting the 3rd month of the year; I bet you guys have experienced a lot of joy and maybe some struggles so far. I want to give you all a brief update on life so here we go.

A lot of things have happened between November and now. The first two weeks of my vacations I slept A LOT and took some time to spend with me. I need it time to go back to the Lord and rest. I also need it time to fall on my knees and pray for guidance and wisdom to choose what the next step in life should be. The result was pretty amazing! (yes, some good news coming at the end of this post! So please keep reading).

But before I tell you all about this new season in my life let me share with you all the other things that I have been doing. I started and finished watching  Downton Abbey –yes, it is addictive and so good! I also had the opportunity to attend to one of my best friends’ wedding. It was one of the most wonderful moments of the month and I got to sing there. Another blessing was  to visit my family in Santa Cruz and spend a great time with the most wonderful roommate/friend/sister in the faith – Yes, Hilary is the best!. And I got to attend to my aunt’s wedding and sang there too. Sharing life with family and friends is always the best way to feel alive!

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But that is not all. December was a month full of interesting things and something quite amazing happened. God has opened a door for me to keep serving children that are victims of sexual violence. In this New Year, I am blessed to say that I have the opportunity to continue to work with IJM in seeking justice for those who can’t for themselves. I have been offered a one year position with IJM Guatemala. Praise God for his providence! Therefore, I am moving to Guatemala and will be living and working there for a year!!!

I won’t need to fund raise for this year, as I had to do it last year, but I still need a lot of support in prayer! So, if you are interested in becoming part of my prayer team while I am serving in Guatemala, please let me know.

Life is crazy and wonderful right now. I just came back from a mission trip where I spent 10 days on a boat translating for a team of doctors/dentists who provided medical care to victims of the flood here in Bolivia, a horrible disaster that so far has taken the life of more than 50 people. It was a wonderful time (I´ll blog about it soon). And, I am moving to Guatemala in 3 days!

As you can imagine I am trying to figure out what to pack and what not to pack. I am overwhelmed by feelings of joy and excitement for what will come. I am overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and sadness because of all the wonderful people I will have to left behind. But above all, I am overjoyed by God´s grace in my life! I am holding on to His promises for me.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

~ Isaiah 41:10, NLT

I hope and pray that life is beautiful wherever you are!

what do you think??

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