Guat´s up´and how the Gospel changed my life

After who knows how long (more than 15 hours probably) I finally walked through the door that took me outside of the airport. I saw the person who had to be there to pick me up and it hit me I AM IN GUATEMALA!

All the “good bye” moments were bittersweet. Sweet because I am starting a new adventure, following God into the unknown – I am not saying that Guatemala is an unknown place, but it is unknown for me. I am going to miss my friends, my mountains, the view from my room, my favorite Bolivian Ceibo chocolate with coffee beans inside, and of course, my family. I am already missing them.

The most difficult part, if I am honest, was to say good bye to my Grandpa! I did cry, and I cried a lot. But I know what I left behind cannot compare to what is to come with following God´s perfect path for my life. And He will grant me a time to enjoy my family again.

So far, I am enjoying Guatemala. I love the t-shirts that said “guatever” or “guat´s up´”. I just love them! I like the weather. I like the office and I think the people here are incredible! I got to meet a new aunt here; well technically I am her second cousin. I am not loving the place where I am staying right now, is not bad, but I don’t have internet or a view. I mean I could stare at my wall but I don’t have any windows! But it is close to the office and I get to walk so that is ok. If you can please pray for God´s provision so that I can find a new place that is still close to the office, safe and with a window.


not the best picture, but I found it online.

This weekend was great! I got to travel to Antigua for the day. And it looks like they have this cool tradition to build “alfombras” that represent the Maya culture or something religious just before Holy Week. These are made with sawdust, corojo flower, roses, palm leaves and other organic things. I got to see one at the La Merce Church, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! They are normally used as an expression of gratitude to a saint that performed a miracle for someone.


This is the alfombra I saw in Antigua.

More history lessons to come soon, also some great news from the office. But today I just want to share with you a video. It is 33 something minutes and it is how I said good bye to my church at home. I got to preach on my last Sunday there and I was able to share what I will be doing here in Guatemala.

Special Speaker: Andrea Rodriguez from Dan DeWitt on Vimeo.

Love to you all,

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