about me

     Who am I??


I am just some strange girl from Bolivia, a country that like me is just in between and among South America. And I happen to have a blog.

I believe in God, and my heart breaks for the things that break His heart. This keeps me out of my comfort zone …most of the time.

I come from a broken home (but then, who doesn’t´? ).  My parents got divorce when I was 6 months old and most of my life I lived “in between”- flying to visit one of them on the holidays, and spending the other part of my life with the other one.

Not having a perfect life has taught me to live the real one!

God called my name when I was 5 years old. Of course I have had times where I tough God had walked away from me but the fact is I was the one walking away (with good or bad reasons but walking away).

In my daily life I have learned that we are all the time living  IN BETWEEN: just in the perfect moment where life actually happens. That to me looks like giving my life to serve other, and to love them as God has loved me.  And this blog is just a journal where  you can read all about my walk in this journey of faith, work, friendship, heartaches, dreams, nightmares and well… basically my life.


I enjoy traveling, writing, movies, small hikes, chocolates, and good conversation over coffee or a big hot chocolate cup. Also, a Facebook addict. I hate onions, and talking about the weather. I am not a sports fan but some times I  think I should! I enjoy spending time with my family and good friends. Most of all, I have decided to live a life of service, where ever God opens the door for me to do that.

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